Gamify museum visitors experience with a chatbot

Gamify your cultural communication with a chatbot to engage the public of your cultural institution (museum, monument, theater …) and talk about yourself differently.

gamification as a communication lever

Communicate through a fun experience to show other facets of your institution.

from players to visitors

Engage your users with a fun chatbot to convert their experience into a visit.

your players are ambassadors

Create virality by providing an experience your users will want to share.

An engaging gamification experience

A turnkey scenario

Our experts imagine a tailor-made experience that meets your expectations and those of your audiences.

Available in all languages

It's up to you to choose the languages ​​in which you want to make the game available.

No application to download

A lightweight device, accessible on all media (phone, tablet, computer).

Save time

Our methodology optimizes the time your teams spend on the project.

Add value to your resources

Reveal the richness of your content (videos, photos, sound tracks, archives ...) by giving them life in this device.

An accessible device

By its format the chatbot is accessible to different handicaps. It is possible to easily integrate adapted content.

The MAIF Social Club and Ask Mona worked together in order to make cultural venues more interactive.

Chloé Tournier, Head of programming at MAIF SOCIAL CLUB