Empower your visitors through AI & chatbot

We develop personal assistants for the world of culture (museum, monument, theater …). We support institutions in deploying a new instant communication channel available before, during and after the visit.

our solutions


Open a new instant chat channel with your audiences. Offer a service that makes it easier for them to access the information they need with a chatbot.

‘Ask Lucien’ the chatbot that answer to frequently asked questions for Caen memorial.

‘Ask Twelvy’ the chatbot that play with Louis Vuitton Foundations’ visitors 

our solutions


Create a new fun experience to engage your audiences online and make them discover your institution in a new light.

Our solutions


Offer your audience a conversational and personalized mediation experience directly on their smartphone with a chatbot.

Chatbot ‘Jean Lecuyer’ and its mediation tool for Bourges Cathedral. 

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A tech & content expertise at the service of culture

Knowledge of the issues of cultural institutions

We are specialized in the cultural sector and have a detailed knowledge of the cultural institutions with which we co-build our solutions.

Personalized support and follow-up throughout the project

We advise you on all aspects of the project, from the editorial line to the communication. Once launched, we follow the progress and contents exchanged in your chatbot on a daily basis.

The first artificial intelligence dedicated to art & culture

We created the first AI specialized on cultural issues. Our platform allows you to autonomously manage your chatbot and its contents.

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Meet some of our chatbots

Ask Jean Lecuyer


Ask Twelvy

louis vuitton foundation

Ask Lucien


With this tools everyone can converse with the works in the exhibition.

Pierre Wilk, Head of the Public Affairs Unit

The MAIF Social Club and Ask Mona worked together in order to make cultural venues more interactive.

Chloé Tournier, Head of programming at MAIF SOCIAL CLUB