We create personal assistants for cultural institutions

We assist them in designing personal assistants with artificial intelligence (chatbots) to open a new communication channel with their audiences.

They trust us

An expertise at the service of culture

Knowledge of cultural institutions’ major stakes

We are specialized in the cultural sector and have a detailed knowledge of the cultural institutions with which we co-build our solutions.

Personalized support and follow-up throughout the project

We advise you on all aspects of the project, from the editorial line to the communication. Once launched, we follow the progress and contents exchanged in your chatbot on a daily basis.

The first artificial intelligence dedicated to culture

We created the first AI specialized on cultural issues. Our platform allows you to autonomously manage your chatbot and its contents.






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our solutions
Invent a new channel of communication
The chatbot answers the questions you assigned to him and sends back the remaining requests to your team.
Your potential visitors receive information tailored to their situation in seconds, 24 hours a day.
Deploy rapidly your chatbot thanks to our library of frequently asked questions.
By chatting with your chatbot, users leave you with valuable information. 
This helps you identify the concerns of visitors using the device and to have a sharper knowledge of your audiences.
Thanks to a conversational tool, you can highlight the richness of your program and offer tailor-made curation to all your potential visitors.
An original way to highlight your content in a new communication channel.

You can make this chatbot available on the medium of your choice : Facebook Messenger, website…

our solutions
Play with the curiosity of your audience

Engage in a conversation with new audiences thanks to a conversational format that they can easily answer to.

They will build up a stronger bound with your institution.

Offer original and interactive formats to diversify the points of contact with your institution.

Innovative and inclusive actions are widely relayed and participate in launching a new movement.

By transmitting information in an entertaining format, your community becomes more involved and reinforces its connection with your institution.

our solutions
Offer an unforgettable experience of mediation
The mediation device is no longer in a one-way interaction towards the visitor. 
The user is engaged in an exchange and can interact with the chatbot.
The chatbot can share any type of content with the user: text, videos, images, sound …
The user can appeal to the chatbot according to his desires to receive more information. He chooses his points of interests and goes at the speed he wants.
This allows you with one tool to support different levels of information depending on the profile of the visitor.
An original way to highlight your content in a new communication channel.

You can make available the chatbot on the medium of your choice (website, facebook messenger, application, web application …) to allow your visitors to access it directly on their phone or on a tablet.

our solutions
Develop a personal curator for your cultural offer
Thank to this chatbot you can highlight the entire cultural offer in your geographical area.
Functioning as a conversation cultural agenda, the user simply has to indicate its geolocation to receive an overview of the available offers (theater, museums, cinemas, monuments, gardens…).
The « pocket curator » is a tool that allows visitors to have a tailor-made selection.
Thanks to a smart tagging system, the visitor is offered filters (« with my children », « couple », « with my friends »), to organize the visit that best suits him.

Incorporating cartographic tools, the chatbot is also an itinerary system that will show visitors the best way to get around your territory to discover cultural offers.

You can extend the relation with the user by maintaining him informed of your actuality with push messages.

They mention their collaboration with us

Ask Mona’s project seduced us with its capacity to create link and transmission : first of all via a recommendation engine for cultural outings; then as a tour guide able to accompany the visitors in an unusual path of the Villa Savoye, and finally as an accomplice to bring to life characters in a trans media game valuing graffiti at the service of a multisite cultural programming.
Laure Pressac
Centre des monuments nationaux
Personify the chatbot of the Cité de l’architecture allows us to create more proximity with our public. We have imagined to answer questions that are not related to the collection or the institution. It appears that 20% of the questions asked to the chatbot do not have a direct link with the service initially offered. The public can then engage in a conversation that is sometimes fun and marginal.
Thibault Prioul
Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine
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