Experience feedback : AskMona’s chatbot for the European Night Museum

On the occasion of the Nuit européenne des musées, AskMona, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, launched a brand new and innovative experience. As official sponsor, our start-up developed a device designed to give personalized advice about every event of the Nuit des musées’ programming across the whole of Europe.

Saturday, May 19th, 2018 saw the 14th edition of the Long Night of Museums. With more than 2,000 museums engaged in the project in over 30 countries throughout Europe, the event aimed at promoting European patrimony and its cultural heritage. For one night, each museum proposed various events : concerts, shows, exhibition visits, performances… However, with such a diversity of events, visitors were given a myriad of opportunities with only a single night in which to enjoy them.

Fortunately, it is AskMona’s strong suit to assist people in their search for a cultural event in a personalized way. Launched more than a year ago, this chatbot, along with others developed for various cultural institutions, allowed us to build up a strong understanding of how cultural actors might best put forward their programming to a young audience. This objective of communicating with a new and youthful audience is made possible by giving this population new ideas of cultural events by way of discussion with a chatbot.

A chatbot for targeted events

As a result, we designed an exclusive AskMona’s edition for the Nuit des Musées. First, this chatbot is a way to offer users a new channel of information. Moreover, such a device allows visitors to have access to new information in addition to that of the paper and numerical programs or the interactive map that are already proposed by cultural places. Information is given by the chatbot in a more personalized way by recommending only events that match the visitor’s expressed interests. Just like a guide available before and during the event, the chatbot is available at any time for the visitors to indicate activities happening around them and corresponding to their preferences.

In order to best develop the chatbot, the Ministry of Culture gave us access to the Open Agenda API (Application Programming Interface). This permitted us to save a lot of time as we were able to recover from this API every cultural event of the Nuit des Musées’ programming as well as their categorization, such that we could focus our task around the introduction of events in the chatbot.

Ease the discovery of events for users

In order to discover the Nuit des Musées’ programming, users simply had to contact AskMona on Facebook Messenger, begin a chat and select the icon « Nuits des Musées ». With this icon, several suggestions were made to users that accorded with their location and/or the type of event they desired. Once first results were found, users had the possibility of adding new criteria to their research, such as the type of audience, but also to change their initial criteria. This two-step process of research allowed users to rapidly and successfully find their firsts results and then to tighten the focus of their search according to their preferences. The first step also gave visitors the possibility to discover new cultural places around them.

With AskMona, visitors were able to have a better idea of the surrounding cultural offerings, to choose depending on their location and their preferences, but mostly to make discoveries ! We also wanted to reach a young audience and particularly to encourage them to participate in the Nuit des Musées’ event. It is a fact that by embracing their manners of interaction on social networks, a chatbot smoothly becomes a light, intuitive and interactional device that is directly available by young users on their smartphone.

With this chatbot, we note that most users (72,9%) have used the chatbot directly from their smartphone via Facebook Messenger. Regarding the profile of users, the majority of them (63%) were aged from 18 to 34.


Finally, we added some testimonies of people who have used AskMona’s chatbot for the Nuit des Musées :

« I discovered Ask Mona at the occasion of the Nuit des Musées. I was very curious about it. Usually, I never participate in this kind of event but in this instance I  encouraged some of my friends and we followed Mona’s recommendations all evening across Paris. Finally, a modern, smart and well-designed tool ! It brings cultural exhibitions into our century, to the great pleasure of people from my generation. »

Gabin, 20.

« I used Ask Mona for the Nuit Musée when I was travelling in Marseilles. In only two clicks, I was able to have access to every event nearby, and with a third click to all the practical information regarding these events. I was consequently able to attend a very beautiful performance of the Friche Belle de Mai rooftop. Thank you Ask Mona ! »

Tara, 23.

If you enjoyed this article and are interested in our device, please send us an email at contact@askmona.fr